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Published on December 2nd, 2013 | by Hungry Haydo


Hungry Haydo’s top 5 food challenges in Melbourne

In this post, I will explain the top 5 food challenges around Melbourne to participate in competitive eating down here.  I love food challenges and would love for you to get involved.


1. Parmarama – Hotel Albion

Hotel Albion Hungry Haydo ParmaLocation: Hotel Albion – Port Melbourne
Challenge: Double Chicken Parmagiana
Cost: $36
Prize: Spin the wheel and win a random prize (including wine, $50 hotel voucher or a wooden spoon)
HH Rating: 4.5/5
Record: 4:26 (Currently held by me)

Comments: I’ve completed this challenge around 15 times…not only because I like to spin the wheel, but because the chicken is that good. I was sick to death of small chicken parma’s around Melbourne and asked the lads from Parmadaze  (who also supplied the pic here), thanks boys) where the biggest and best chicken parma is found…they recommended Hotel Albion and I have been annoying the manager, Bob and the rest of staff there ever since.

Firstly you get to choose which type of double parma you would like (a choice of around 12 and also a special of the week parma).
The staff will take a photo of you, followed by them starting the timer if you really wish (i usually time my own attempts though for accuracy purposes).
The chicken to crumb ratio is exceptional and the chicken breasts are at least 1 inch thick in most places.

Highly recommended.

2. 1kg steak challenge – Outback Jacks
OBJ04Location: Outback Jacks Ringwood
Challenge: 1KG rump steak, 500g wedges, 500g veges
Cost: $49.95
Prize: T-shirt and Gift Voucher
HH Rating: 4/5
Record: 8:45 (This is the store record held by me, the national record is actually quicker and my personal best is 6:45)

Comments: Great tasting steak and these guys are a lot of fun. The only reason that I havent rated this as 4.5 is because of the price which slightly lets it down.
The wedges are always nice, and the steak cooked great.

I recommend this challenge to anyone who wants to get into food challenges, yet still enjoys the taste of their steak!

Outback Jacks also have a national comp each year (where I have actually came second two years in a row now lol). It’s one of the only national competitions where the company flies each state winner in from their respective states. It’s well run and all the eaters in Australia look forward to it. For more information shoot me a message and ill explain more.

3. Big Willi – Taco Bill

Location: Taco Bill South Melbourne, Essendon and Kensington
Challenge: 2.5kg Burrito
Cost: $35
Prize: Meal is free if completed within 30 minutes
HH Rating: 4.5/5
Record: 8:34 (currently held by me after setting the record at the last national competition)

Comments: I may be a bit biased here because I LOVE tacos but this is genuinely a delicious challenge. It’s 2.5kg of meat, rice, sauce, 7 tortilla breads and cheese!

This is not for the beginner…make sure you have some experience before attempting the Big Willi.

Stan, Mark and the team are great and love when you give it a crack. I actually went dressed as a mexican (lol see the pic below) without telling anyone in the store what I was going to do…not even the staff.

I turned up in said outfit and completed the challenge in 16:30. The people in the restaurant loved it lol. I spoke to the owner after I left and he was impressed. We had a phone call later that week and within 72 hours of me completeing the challenge, we were in talks about a national competition.

The competition went ahead and not only did I break my personal record by eating the 2.5kg Big Willi with a time of 8:34, but together we raised $4,000 for Prostate Cancer. We are hoping to make this an annual event and raise even more in 2014!

1st Attempt – 16:30

2nd Attempt – 8:34

4. Mega Parma Challenge – Laurel Hotel

Laurel Hotel Mega Parma Challenge with Hungry HaydoLocation: The Laurel Hotel, Ascot Vale
Challenge: 1.5kg Mega Parma + Chips + Pint of beer or softy
Cost: $40
Prize: Top times qualify for the grand final to win free parma’s for a year! (One per week)
HH Rating: 4/5
Record: 6:41 (Not my record…mine is 7:38)

Comments: This thing is massive.  I’ve had nice big parma’s before but this is on the next level ;)

I went here with Bulk Nutrients owner, Ben Crowley ( who help a lot with my fundraising and fitness stuff.  The challenge is available for a few months of the year, which leads up to a national competition held in December.  The staff are great and the parma is very decent.  I scored it 4 out of 5 as I wasn’t a big fan of the chips or the salad.

Please note however that I have eaten here a few more times without gorgin my face and they provide very high quality meals :) I always go there with Gorgin’ Georgie!

Video coming soon!!

5. B.East Burger Challenge – B.East Brunswick

Location: B.East, Brunswick East Hungry Haydo eats at the b.east
Challenge: Triple B.East beef pattie, & triple bacon, chilli cheese sauce, lettuce, pickled red onion and tomato.  Must eat within 3 minutes.
Cost: $18
Prize: Wall of Fame photo and top 10 times go into the annual comp (which is worth $500!)
HH Rating: 4/5
Record: 1:16 (My best time is 1:31!)

Comments: This was actually delicious.  I snuck down here during my work break (hence the staff jumper in the video below) to qualify my time for the national competition in Sep 2013.

The time limit of 3 mins sounds bloody hard considering how large this was, but in fact it is very easy to get down…damn hot, but damn delicious.

I registered a time of 1:31 (which was equal second). Unfrotunetly I couldnt replicate or better my effort in the final but the winner was an eating friend of mine, Col the Conqueror.  Well done Col!

This burger is available all the time and I highly recommend it.  I rated it 4/5!  Just wish it was bigger once you have finished :)


And there it is….my top 5 eating challenges in Melbourne.

Do you have a food challenge you would like me to come and complete?

Shoot me a message using my contact form!

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